How to Open EPUB Files on Mac

How to open EPUB file on Mac? There are two ways to easily open EPUB files on Mac computers and enjoy reading immediately.

1 Use browser to read

Neat Reader's WEB-side reader supports reading EPUB files directly in browsers without downloading or registration. It only takes three steps to open EPUB files:

STEP 1 Visit the official Neat Reader's official website Great EPUB Reader - Neat Reader and choose the web mode.


STEP 2 Import EPUB files by clicking the "Add New Book" button.


STEP 3 Click the imported book and enjoy reading.


The WEB reader is the lightest version of Neat Reader. Powerful clients are also prepared for you.

2 Use Mac Client to Read

Using Neat Reader's Mac client to open EPUB files can not only parse the EPUB format perfectly as the Web reader, but also store reading data safely and use more perfect reading function.

Neat Reader's Mac client is also easy to use:

STEP 1 Download and install the Mac client through the official website Great EPUB Reader - Neat Reader.


STEP 2 Import EPUB files by clicking the "Add book" button.


STEP 3 Enjoy reading.


So convenient! You can also register a free account in Neat Reader, which allows you to save personal reading data locally after login. Come and have a try!